About the company

Farmak pohled na areál

FARMAK, a. s. is a purely Czech chemical-pharmaceutical company focused on the development, production, and marketing of products in two product groups:

  • active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • intermediates and specialized chemicals

In the long run, the production and sale of active pharmaceutical ingredients has been a key role in the company's performance. The company is significantly export-oriented, with its most important export territories being in the EU, USA, India, Japan, and Latin America.

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Company history

The tradition of industrial chemical production began as early as 1934. At present, FARMAK. a.s. is a private independent Czech company.

  • 1934
    Beginning of industrial chemical production, construction of a modern six-storey building.

  • 1952
    The company became independent, was renamed Farmakon, n.p. (state-owned enterprise), and acquired a plant for the production of veterinary medicines, biofactor supplements, and feed preparations in Uničov

  • 1992
    Founding general meeting of FARMAK, a.s.

  • 1996
    Takeover of the state-owned enterprise Farmakon n.p. and start of restructuring.

  • 1996
    Extension of the production programme with new substances thanks to the application of the results of the research and development department.

  • 1997
    The premises of the company were flooded by more than two metres of water; production was stopped for three months.

  • 1998
    The first inspection of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for the registration of active pharmaceutical ingredients in US.

  • 2004
    A new production unit built in plant 33 – the UNI Hall with QC laboratories and a new QA unit, research and development laboratories, including instrumentation – was awarded the Building of the Year 2004 in the Olomouc Region.

  • 2008
    Installation of the new Kilolab unit in accordance with cGMP.

  • 2014
    Construction of a new hall for final operations.

  • 2018
    Reconstruction of the hydrogenation unit in plant 21.

  • 2019
    new production unit, SAU 13.02, built in plant 13 for production from our own research and development.

Company history in detail

historické foto budovy

The history of the company FARMAK, a.s. begins in the 19th century, when malt and later table salt were produced on the premises.

In the 1930s the then owners decided to focus on the chemical industry. Before the production of pharmaceuticals, they specialized in the production of solvents.

After the war, the company started mass production of pharmaceutical substances by chemical synthesis.

n the 1950s, the company was renamed Farmakon n. p. and a plant for the production of veterinary medicines, biofactor supplements, and feed preparations in Uničov was affiliated to it. At this time, Farmakon n. p. produced vitamins of the B series and subsequently reached the largest volumes in the production of vitamin C.

historické foto budovy

historické foto budovy

In the 1970s, the most successful product was prothiaden, together with some anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic substances, products designed to reduce blood clotting, antidepressants, and others.

In the 1990s, the product range began to change. After 1996, the results of the company’s research and development activities were broadly applied and the production programme was expanded to include new substances, for example, tizanidine, brimonidine, alfuzosin, tamsulosin, zolpidem, zopiclone, and others. These products with a high level of added value imposed significantly lower demands on the capacity of the plant and ecological waste disposal.

současná podoba areálu Farmak,a.s.

The current premises of FARMAK, a.s.