FARMAK, a.s.

FARMAK, a.s. is a privately held chemical
and pharmaceutical company
based in the Czech Republic

The company focuses on the research, development, and production of active pharmaceutical ingredients, chemical products, and specialized chemicals.

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18. - 21. 8. 2019

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The role of R&D is crucial for the development of FARMAK, a.s.; therefore the company management places great emphasis on innovations

Research and Development in FARMAK, a.s., is focused on the chemical research mainly. The priority is the development of chemical processes that are used in the production of products sold not only on the Czech market, but especially on foreign markets. A part of the research capacity is dedicated to our business partners.

Research results are often original procedures that are patented both in the Czech Republic and in Europe or the USA/

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Production specializes mainly in the chemistry of heterocyclic compounds, utilizing many basic chemical reactions (including Grignard reactions) in several production plants in compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practice.

The production is realized in stainless steel and enamel reactors with a capacity up to 6300 litres, in an auxiliary production facility, on centrifuges, in drying rooms and on drying filters. The finalization of production consists of sieving, grinding and micronization eventually and final packaging of the products. Production facilities are subject to SÚKL inspections and some of them even to FDA auditing.

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FARMAK, a.s. implemented quality assurance system which meets current requirements of ISO 9001 and Good Manufacturing Practice - cGMP.


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