Research and Development

The role of R&D is crucial for the development of FARMAK, a.s.; therefore the company management places great emphasis on innovations that focus on the research and development of active pharmaceutical ingredients, intermediates, and specialized chemicals.

The priority is the development of processes that are used in the production of products sold not only on the Czech market, but especially on foreign markets.

A part of the research capacity is dedicated to our business partners.

Selected results of the research are patented in the Czech Republic, in Europe, and in the USA.

The research and development staff cooperate closely with other departments of the company to solve problems and participate in the preparation of documents for registration documentation.


Synthesis is one of the pillars of FARMAK, a.s., as no company dealing with generic substances can exist without looking for new processes and methods for the preparation of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Therefore, great attention is paid to this area, with the aim being to find and optimize processes for the preparation of these ingredients and their intermediates, which are in the position of being before the expiry of the basic patent on substance protection, but also substances whose basic patent protection has already expired and are of commercial interest. Part of the capacity is dedicated to specialized chemicals.

R&D analytical laboratory

The Department of Analytical Laboratories follows the Department of Synthesis. It is equipped with all the devices which are necessary for analysing substances and verifying their purity, including e.g. LC-MS, GC-MS, NMR, and DSC.


The Kilolab section is the interface between Research & Development and Production. Its task is to verify the processes and technologies used for the preparation of new products before their introduction into production. It also ensures a small-tonnage production of active pharmaceutical substances in amounts not suitable for the main shop floors, in the weight range from hundreds of grams to several kilograms. The equipment used includes e.g. top-class cryogenic reactors with a capacity of 60 litres, allowing reactions in the temperature range from -90 °C to +175 °C. This unit operates fully in Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) mode.

Small API Unit (SAU)

The pilot plant unit (SAU) is the latest operating unit in our company and is equipped with reactors with a capacity of 400 litres, allowing reactions in the temperature range from -90 °C to +175 °C. The terminal is equipped with a process filter. Its size makes it possible to produce batches from approximately 5 to 25 kg, thereby smoothly filling the gap between Kilolab and large-scale production in production halls.