Back to history - Construction of the Year 2004

24. 11. 2022

For FARMAK, a.s. 2004 was one of the most important historical milestones. It was in the name of construction and reconstruction.

As the company grew, a new production unit had to be built in building No. 33 (Unihala).

It was also necessary to upgrade the unsatisfactory premises of building No. 13. Check out 'before and after' photos of the building, which received the “Construction of the Year 2004” award in the category of Constructions for Industry and Agriculture.

The new premises are one of the most important workplaces for our company. Quality Control laboratories (QC) and Quality Assurance department (QA) are based here as well as the Research and Development laboratories (R&D) including instrumental equipment.

QC and QA play crucial role in lifecycle of our products. Income analysis of all raw materials and release analysis take place in QC laboratories. At QA department, checking of all necessary documentation and final product release for sale take place.

The R&D department takes places in building No. 13 as well . Here our colleagues focus on the development of new products and optimization of methods and procedures, which are used within manufacturing processes of products sold not only in Czechia but mainly in foreign markets.

Back to history - Construction of the Year 2004

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