FARMAK, a.s. supports innovative research and actively collaborates on scientific projects

22. 03. 2023

FARMAK, a.s. and the Palacký University's research institute CATRIN (Czech Advanced Technology and Research Institute) have been cooperating for many years. FARMAK, a.s. very often takes part in specialised projects which focus on providing developing opportunities to young students and support new topics and innovative research. 

Prominent professor of chemistry Alexander Dӧmling has arrived to Olomouc

The category of new promising research, in which FARMAK, a.s. is going to participate, includes the latest project from ERA Chair ACCELERATOR, supported by Horizon Europe with EUR 2.5 million. Behind it is a well-known scientific personality Professor Alexander Dӧmling. This world-renowned organic chemist has arrived in Olomouc, where he has been building a team to work on a unique research since February 2023 under the wings of Palacký University in Olomouc and its CATRIN scientific centre. 

FARMAK, a.s. can strongly contribute towards the part dedicated to APIs 

The main research theme of Professor Dӧmling is focused on the miniaturisation and automation of synthetic chemistry, which leads to more efficient development of new drugs, nanomaterials or substances required to protect plants or biostimulants. “We would like to actively participate alongside Prof. Dӧmling in the research area dedicated to medicinal substances, also called APIs.” says FARMAK, a.s. Research and Strategy Director, RNDr. Roman Buchtík, Ph.D.

A company dedicated to the production of generic drugs must look for a development in synthesis and search for new procedures and methods of active substances preparation. "The aim is to find and optimise the preparation procedures for these substances and their intermediates, which are before the expiry of the basic patent for substance protection, but also substances whose basic patent protection has expired. This is highly important to us; thus, we see synergies with the research of Professor Dӧmling in this area,” adds RNDr. Roman Buchtík, Ph.D.

Prof. Alexander Dӧmling

He is an internationally recognised chemist, expert on miniaturisation, automation of synthetic chemistry and multicomponent reaction chemistry. Professor Alexander Dömling was born in 1964 and became a graduate of chemistry and biology at the Technical University of Munich. He carried out his doctoral research under well-known scientist Ivar Ugi. Thanks to the support of the Humboldt Foundation, he spent his post-doctoral period at the Scripps Research Institute in California under the leadership of the double Nobel laureate in chemistry Barry Sharpless. Prof. Dӧmling worked at multiple universities. His first workplace was at the University of Pittsburgh, where he received several large grants. Among other things, he founded six biotechnology companies, the first one named Morphochem. 

Czech Advanced Technology and Research Institute (CATRIN)

CATRIN is a university institute of Palacký University in Olomouc, which was created by a merger of three high-profile scientific teams, combining the Centre of Region Haná Region for Biotechnology and Agricultural Research (CRH), the Regional Centre for Advanced Technologies and Materials (RCPTM) and the Institute of Molecular and Translational Medicine (UMTM), with the vision to connect scientific capacities in the fields of biomedicine, nanotechnology, new materials and research into plants or biotechnologies to meet the challenges of the current world together. 

About FARMAK, a.s. 

FARMAK, a.s. is a purely Czech chemical-pharmaceutical company focused on the development, production and marketing of products from two product groups, namely active pharmaceutical ingredients – active substances – and from chemical intermediates and specialities.

The production and sales of active pharmaceutical ingredients play a key role in the company’s performance. The company is significantly export focused, with the EU, US, India, Japan and Latin America being the most important export territories.

FARMAK, a.s. supports innovative research and actively collaborates on scientific projects

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