Street Art at FARMAK

03. 10. 2023

At the end of summer, the traditional Street Art Festival takes place in Olomouc, Czech Republic, FARMAKs hometown. The company has supported the creation of street art works not only in the form of a sponsorship donation, but is also directly in the centre of the festival. It provided a wall for the creation of a mural in the industrial area of the company in the Klášterní Hradisko district. The FARMAK area is thus one of this year's six Olomouc locations of the festival mural painting.

After an agreement with the festival organisers, a work by the Berlin-based artist Emil Kartelovic is being created on the chemical plant's premises these days. It is his first mural work in the Czech Republic. "This is my first time in Olomouc and the Czech Republic. I am surprised how large the Farmak complex is," said Emil Kartelovic, who has so far created more than thirty large-scale paintings and countless smaller works on walls in various countries. The industrial complex in the outskirts of Olomouc, whose history of chemical production dates back to 1934, will thus gain an unusual connection between modern art and industrial production and history.

                                                    Emil Kartelovic by creating the mural at FARMAK. 

The wall of the local substation was chosen for the mural. "We did not consult the artist about the motif of the mural for FARMAK, we gave him a free hand. The mural that is being created is a surprise for us," said Miroslav Ulrich, CEO of FARMAK, about his involvement in the street art festival project. The 200 m2 work, which will take approximately four days to create, will not be open to the public, but will be visible from trains passing on the corridor from Prague to Olomouc. This is a very busy line, so the work can be seen in a large audience.

Street Art at FARMAK

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