Back to history - 30 years of FARMAK, a.s.

13. 09. 2022

Did you know that FARMAK, a.s. celebrates 30 years anniversary this year? With connection to this, we have prepared a special historical series in which the most important milestones and crucial events will be presented. The series will be presented at our Facebook and LinkedIn, but you will find some of the episodes also here, at our websites.

So let´s start with how it all began.

History of production in current premises is dated up to 19th century. In that time, businessman Karel Kubelka started production of malt in his company in Olomouc - Černovír. When Czechoslovakia was established, the company started with production of edible salt and later, the owners focused on a completely new field - chemistry. Production of medicines was established few years after that and in 1948, large-scale production of pharmaceutical substances by chemical way started. In 1952, the company was established independent and renamed to Farmakon n. p. In ´80s, huge multi-purpose halls were designed and in ´90s, portfolio of products started to change. This period was characterized by transformation of large-volume production to narrowly specialized, small-volume.

And what happened next? You will find out soon :-)

Back to history - 30 years of FARMAK, a.s.

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