Research and development

R_DResearch and development constitutes a vital element of the company’s development, which is reflected in the company’s stress on high innovative activity.

Research and development in FARMAK, a.s. focuses mainly on chemical research. Our priority lies in the development of chemical procedures which are subsequently used in the making of products sold not only on Czech markets, but more importantly abroad.

A portion of our research capacity is devoted to synthesis research or specific procedures required by our customers.
The results of our research and development processes are often the original initial procedures which are later patented in the Czech Republic as well as in Europe and the USA.
Our employees from the research and development also cooperate in problem solving during the production process; submit documentation and data for other sections of the company; take part in inspections and audits conducted by national agencies as well as customers, warranting a high level of awareness and knowledgeability of chemistry.


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